Macro Photography Subjects - Seeing Everyday Objects in Macro

Macro photography is one genre of photography in which there never is any dearth of subjects. Anything and everything could be a subject for macro. From ants, butterflies, dragonflies, flowers, insects, the list goes on.

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Even common everyday objects takes a new look when seen up close. Objects like a coin, the computer keyboard, a watch dial, the tungsten wire inside a light bulb etc all make interesting subjects for macro photography.

How to Find Interesting Subjects for Macro

Look Around You

If you look closely, you will notice that you are surrounded by numerous items that would make interesting subjects for macro. , colourful board pins, a bunch of pencils, a shirt button, the teeth of your comb, a cell phone and even your camera lens can look fascinating when shot in a macro perspective. What you should actually worry about is to arrange the picture in a strong composition with appropriate props and settings so as to add interest to the picture as the subject will be unappealing by itself

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Plan the Composition Carefully

As stated in the previous paragraph, composition is one of the most important aspects of macro photography. The rules of composition namely the rules of thirds, the golden mean etc all are applicable in case of macro too. Of course you could also make interesting shots just by purposefully breaking these rules. The trick is to experiment with different compositions, angles and arrangements before calling it a day.

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Use Depth Of Field Creatively

When speaking about macro photography everybody is hell bend to get the shot with the narrowest aperture the situation and lighting permits. But purposefully reducing the depth of field in an image so as to make the important elements stand out from the rest, (avoiding clutter in the background) is also equally efficient. You could create intriguing shots with the use of shallow depth of field rendering the foreground and background a little more than a blur and your main subject in sharp focus.

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Create a Row of Objects

When dealing with seemingly uninteresting objects, try to arrange a group of them in some manner so as to generate interest. Such arrangements when combined with creative use of lighting and depth of field makes for an interesting macro photograph.

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For example imagine a colour pencil, a single colour pencil will be uninteresting to photograph but arrange them in a row, a line, in a circle, etc and try to use shallow depth of field with just one of them in focus and the rest a bit blurred, now you could see that the picture is starting to look interesting. What if you could play with the lighting, try back lighting the pencils, try to photograph it high key, low key etc, play with the contrast, try adding props now you get the hang of things…… right.

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